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IPL Cricket


History of the Indian Premier League - IPL

The Indian Premier League started in all places, with an idea born in Wimbledon London the home of Lawn Tennis.

It was June 2007 during a break in the tennis at Wimbledon (due to the usual English rain.) that Lalit Modi Vice-President of the Board of Cricket Control for India was having a conversation with Andrew Wildblood of the International Management Group (IMG), a company synonymous with sports management.

Lalit Modi having studied in America was impressed with the sports franchises which were common in the USA. He had a vision that he hoped would revolutionise the Indian Domestic Game. He needed Wildblood's input on the possibilities of creating a Twenty20 Cricket League based on the American model.

Wildblood was more than enthusiastic he revealed to Modi that they had been kicking a similar idea around their offices for sometime. He advised Modi that with the BCCI resolve and IMG's expertise a way could be found. A further meeting was called in London and a decision was made to turn the vision into a reality for the 2008 Cricket season.


The Timescale was absurd if not impossible but Modi and Wildblood are two men who thrive on the impossible they knew that it was a race against time and they set about it with grim determination.

If you look at how most sports league begin and mature you start to understand the difficulties faced by these two men. It is to their credit that in less than nine months the DLF Indian Premier League became a reality. What is even more amazing is not only has it been formed but the franchise's were sold for a colossal US $723.6 million. Wildblood realised from the beginning that the sporting model and it's fundementals had to be spot on. It was decided that the basis of the league would be eight teams playing each other home and away with semi-finals and final, and from that the commercial model and therefore the investor context, could be built.

September 2007 brought that element of good fortune that all new ventures need that was the inaugural ICC World Twenty20 which was held in South Africa, India won beating arch rivals Pakistan in the final the event was a success and it captivated the Indian public. Suddenly the short game was being viewed in a totally different light and the Indian Cricket public in one poll were 76 percent in favour, saying it was how they preferred their cricket.

The franchise tender process began in December 07 and on 24 January 08 came the deadline for the bids to be received. Wildblood was in Mumbai when the bids came in they hoped that the Mumbai franchise would sell for over one hundred million dollars and it did.

Among the bidders were some of India’s richest and most powerful names, from industrialists to film stars, which has only added to the event’s lustre.

February 2008 saw the frantic player auction, something that has never been witnessed in cricket before as the game’s top stars commanded sums that would have been unthinkable for any cricketer a few years previously.
The player auction created a media frenzy.

The start date was set at April 18 in Bangalore. One of the newest and most exciting forms of cricket had been set up in less than a year and it didn't disappoint.

Winners of theInaugral IPL were Rajasthan Royals

Winners 2009 were Deccan Chargers

Winners 2010 Chennai Super Kings

2011 saw the IPL increased to 10 teams with the addition of Pune Warriors and Kochi Tuskers, both teams performed reasonably well but the 2011 Champions were once again Chennai Super Kings.

2012 saw Chennai Super Kings make the final once again however they were beaten by 5 wickets by a talented Kolkata Knight Riders team.

2013 Mumbai Indians won their first IPL title, beating Chennai Super Kings by 23 runs in the final at Eden Gardens

2014 Kolkata Knight Riders beat Kings Punjab XI by 3 wickets Sunday 1st June 2014, M. Chinnaswamy Stadium, Bengaluru

2015 Mumbai Indians beat Chennai Super Kings in the Final by 41 Runs the final was held at Eden Gardens, Kolkata.

IPL Cricket News

Match 30 KKR beat CSK by 7 Wickets

Match 31 DD beat KXIP by 9 Wickets

Match 32 MI beat RR by 8 Runs

Match 33 RCB beat KKR by 7 Wickets

Match 34 SRH beat CSK by 22 Runs

Match 35 MI beat KXIP by 23 Runs

Match 36 RR beat DD by 14 Runs

Match 37 CSK beat RCB by 24 Runs

Match 38 KKR beat SRH by 35 Runs

Match 39 MI beat DD by 5 Wickets

Match 40 RCB beat KXIP by 138 Runs

Match 41 SRH beat RR by 7 Runs

Match 42 KKR beat DD by 13 Runs

Match 43 MI beat CSK by 6 Wickets

Match 44 KKR beat KXIP by 1 Wicket

Match 45 SRH beat DD by 6 Runs

Match 46 RCB beat MI by 39 Runs

Match 47 CSK beat RR by 12 Runs

Match 48 SRH beat KXIP by 5 Runs

Match 49 DD beat CSK by 6 Wickets

Match 50 KXIP beat RCB by 22 Runs

Match 51 MI beat KKR by 5 Runs

Match 52 RCB beat SRH by 6 Wickets (D/L Method)

Match 53 CSK beat KXIP by 7 Wickets

Match 54 RR beat KKR by 9 Runs

Match 55 RCB v DD no result

Match 56 MI beat SRH by 9 Wickets

Qualifier 1 MI beat CSK by 25 Runs

Eliminator RCB beat RR by 71 Runs

CSK beat RCB by 3 Wickets

The Winners of the IPL Final for 2015 were the Mumbai Indians who beat Chennai Super Kings by 41 Runs in a thrilling final held at Eden Gardens, Kolkata. This has been another brilliant year for the Indian Premier League and we look forward to all the excitement next year. you can bet on the outcome of this game with Coral SportsBook.